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    Xiaomi Compatible for...


    Intelligent visual.300W professional endoscope, six axis directional gyroscope, magnetic absorption charging base, Q bullet silicon ear spoon

    Automatic aligning ear cover . Magnetic mechanism makes the cross section of the ear cover align automatic.300W professional endoscope .Sensor built-in intelligent compensation algorithm improves 3 million pixels 31.6mm lens length blue light proof

    Fast WIFI chip.Turn on the machine and explore the unimaginable Inner Ear Tunnel Smooth transmission, no jamming, no burning. 

    Visual shockIntelligent temperature control.Super super immune to the same temperature with human body Close to no temperature, feel at ease, pick up the ear, not burn the ear.

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    Bebird T5 Smart Positioning...

    1. Rapid WiFi visual connection. No connection is required to open picking ears.cao.Powerful WiFi signal, strong penetrating power, real-time video synchronization, avoid delay, convenient and safe to use.
    2. Use optical lens and high-performance 200W pixels. The CMOS sensor has a clear image, a 20x magnified ear canal and a 55° viewing angle.13 lens combination & 6 LED lights. Allows you to see the ear canal in all directions and clean deeply.
    3. Use IP67 waterproof mirror. Washable, easy to clean. Adapt to complex environments such as dry ears and oily ears.
    4. The 3-axis intelligent directional gyroscope quickly locates, and the screen has no skew and jitter.High-end OV chip video coding technology, hand and eye synchronization wonderful picking!
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    Bebird M9 Pro Black Smart...

    1. 300W high-precision endoscope & Easily dive into the small ear canal.For HD In-ear World Ready for everything, the effect of making 300W pixels close to 400W pixels.When you pick your ears again, your eyes and hands are synchronized, easy to use
    2. High-end wifi chip & Transmission gallop.You can see when booting Explore the In-ear tunnel beyond imagination. Fluent not stuck The visual shock from the face.Non-sensing intelligent temperature control. Super strong to avoid overheating Same temperature with human body. Approaching without a sense of temperature.
    3. Four-axis intelligent directional gyroscope, safe and secure.Pick your ears! No matter what angle the ear picking can be accurate. With this technology, you no longer have to worry about ear plucking that will hurt yourself or your family.
    4. Innovation breakthrough & Magnetic induction switch. PC +silicone Q spring ear spoon, gentle picking Baby doesn't hurt strict compliance with hygiene standards, safety and comfort above the market. Turn on when you open the cover Shut down when you close the cover.