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  • Xiaomi Redmi AirDots 3 Mi...
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    Xiaomi Redmi AirDots 3 Mi...

    Xiaomi Redmi AirDots 3 Mi True Wireless Headset CD-level Sound Quality Earphone Hybrid Vocalism Wireless Bluetooth 5.2
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    Xiaomi Bluetooth Headset...

    1. Triple call noise reduction: Intelligent noise reduction with dual microphones, plus DSP+cVc software algorithm for noise reduction, a combination of three-in-one soft and hard, powerful filtering of environmental noise, effective voice discrimination, and your clear and thorough call experience.
    2. Balanced hanging ear design, stable and comfortable to wear: Innovative balanced ear-hanging design, which can disperse the weight of the headset when worn, and the support point is made of elastic soft rubber material, which can be comfortable even when worn for a long time.
    3. 180° rotatable earpiece, universal for left and right ears: Creative design, can be used on the left and right sides of the earphone, the earpiece earpiece can be rotated 180°, fine-tuning the direction of the ear cap can switch the left and right wearing mode.
    4. 12mm large moving circle HD call: Customized 12mm dynamic coil speakers enhance the bass dynamic performance from the basic hardware, layer by layer analysis, the voice of the call can be heard more clearly and loudly, and the wider sound field creates an immersive call experience.
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    Xiaomi USB 3.0 Hub 4 ports...

    1. Daily power supply is provided through the laptop interface. When there is a need to read 1TB or more large-capacity data, external power supply can be connected. The backup power supply adopts usb-c interface, supports forward and backward plug, and can be repeatedly plugged and pulled up to 10000 times, with strong versatility.
    2. The whole length of the product is about 0.24m, the weight is about 33g, the size is small, the appearance is concise, can be easily put into the clothes pocket, the backpack, easy to carry, save space.
    3. The shell is made of PC material, durable, square shape, arc edge and corner design, which reduces the mutual wear and tear with other equipment when used and carried.
    4. Plug and play, no need to drive. Multi-system compatible, support Windows, macOS, Android, Linux systems. Smooth insertion and removal, stable transmission, simple and convenient operation, saving unnecessary waiting time, and higher efficiency.
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    Xiaomi Mi Wireless Mouse...

    1. Lightweight and portable, easy to handle and install.Different from the traditional mouse, this product stylish mouse adopts a lightweight design, which is slimmer and lighter.
    2. Wireless dual mode, one mouse connected to two computers.Support dual connection mode of Bluetooth and wireless adapter, easy pairing, connect two computers with one mouse, switch freely, and create a clean and tidy working space for you.
    3. Intimate mute button, easy to use without disturbing.Comfortable tactile feedback and quiet user experience bring comprehensive office efficiency improvement. Easily meet the needs of the office, library or home in a quiet environment.
    4. High-precision sensor to meet various scenarios.Adopt 1000DPI high-precision photoelectric sensor, with excellent surface, easy to adapt to a variety of colors and materials desktop.
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    Xiaomi Hybrid Type-C Dual...

    1. USB type-c interface | Moving ring + ceramic speaker double unit acoustic architecture  Semi-in-ear comfort wear | high toughness wire + MEMS microphone remote control.
    2. Half-ear Style Wear Structure.Tailored for your ears  Half in-ear wearing structure, the in-ear angle is in line with ergonomic parameters,  the ear shell is basically on the outside of the ear canal to protect the delicate ear canal, suitable for most ear type,  and brings all-weather gentle and comfortable wearing experience.
    3. Ceramic Speaker.High-frequency performance accurately analyzes the natural sound quality  The thin ceramic speaker unit produces a smooth and high-definition sound quality through bi-directional vibration.   A faster transient response allows the high-frequency range to be extended to 40 kHz.  Accurately parsing and restoring music brings a more distinct sense of smoothness.
    4. Comfortable to wear, comfortable and easy.Whether you are listening to the radio on the commuter, listening to a sleeping song before going to sleep, or accompanying the music in the afternoon, you can meet the needs of your ears, and make the usual little things comfortable and beautiful.
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    Xiaomi Line Free Bluetooth...

    1. Fast charge: Charge for 10 minutes and play for about 2.5 hours.It uses a 3C high-voltage material lithium-ion battery, with built-in power management chip and high-speed type-c interface, charging for 10 minutes, you can listen to songs for about 2.5 hours.
    2. DSP + cVc call noise reduction:Enjoy binaural HD voice quietly.DSP digital noise reduction combined with cVc software algorithm noise reduction, brings a deep noise reduction effect of 1 + 1> 2, can clearly record human voice, intelligently identify and offset various environmental noise. No matter where you are, you can enjoy binaural high-definition calls while wearing headphones.
    3. Titanium memory cable:Flexible and durable, comfortable to wear.The neckband uses a highly elastic memory cable, which has excellent flexibility and durability, and can be bent and stored in a bag. The cable feels warm and delicate, even if it is worn for a long time, it has no burden and is as comfortable as customization.
    4. Coaxial double moving coil unit unleash the sound of  pure nature.Built-ln 9.2mm double moving coil acoustic unit, with independent cavity, and the front and rear dual speakers are placed coaxially, avoiding the frequency band string back to the problem, releasing a three- band balanced, layered pure sound, just like visiting the music scene of each touching heartstring .
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    Xiaomi Air 2 SE Wireless...

    1. Dual microphone for noise reduction without fear of interference: Each headset has two built-in high-sensitivity microphones, and uses beam-forming technology to eliminate background noise during the call, so that the other party can clearly hear your voice, and clear calls in noisy environments.
    2. Open box and pop-up window, you can see it with smart connection: Xiaomi True Wireless Bluetooth Headset Air2 SE and MIUI are deeply customized. When you open the charging box, the phone will pop up the headset connection interface, which is more convenient for visual operation. After connecting, you can also view the power of the headset and charging box.
    3. Smart and true wireless, free and free: Split true wireless design, breaking the master-slave limitation, the left and right ears can be taken and used, and the single and double ears can be flexibly switched. Enjoy wireless stereo with binaural use and more freedom with a single ear experience.
    4. Comfortable, half in-ear, stable wearing: The semi-in-ear wearing design is adopted to better fit the ear canal, giving both ears a stable and comfortable wearing experience from inside to outside. The unilateral earphones weigh only 4.7g, and the small and light body makes it easier to wear, greatly reducing the fatigue of long-term wear.
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    OnePlus Dash Cable 6 5t 5...


    1.100% Original product

    2.Support 4A Dash fast charging

    3.Round design 35CM / 100CM /200CM red Type-C cable

    4.NO Retail Packe

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